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At SkyHawk Global Associates, our technical experience lets us offer clients a bird’s-eye view of the public safety technology landscape. Our management experience means we’re ready to swoop in, solve problems, and remove obstacles. Get in touch to see the world from our perspective.

Because we believe in the power of public-private partnerships, we help businesses, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies work together in the public safety technology space. SkyHawk Global provides strategic counsel, marketing campaigns, and government/public relations services to clients, helping them address the unique challenges of public safety communications in the 21st century.

“We deliver key insights, actions, and planning capacity – with both technical and policy considerations – for companies, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.”

George Rice,
Managing Partner

Executives choose SkyHawk Global when they need an advocate. That’s because we demystify the public safety technology world, helping clients to gain the support of key stakeholders, from lawmakers to business leaders to the general public. We specialize in helping to package public-private partnerships that demonstrably improve public safety and emergency response.